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Brand NEW! hierbleiben. for Internationals

This year hierbleiben. Jobevent offers something special for the international community of Saxony-Anhalt

This blogpost is about:
  • hierbleiben. Jobevent on November 12th from 10:00 to 17:00 at Festung Mark
  • International Recruiting Panel in English with 4 companies live on the stage
  • Career pathes for English speaking people in Saxony-Anhalt

hierbleiben. is more than a jobfair. Since 2009 we have the mission to connect the best employers in our region with applicants, to build up strong relationships and to show what Saxony-Anhalt has to offer. This year we will be adding one more layer to the event – we are connecting international people with global-thinking companies.

What's NEW for you?

For the first time in the history of hierbleiben. Jobevent International Recruiting Panel will make its appearance. On November 12th you have the chance to see several companies together on one stage and instead of employers being the lead in the interview, job seekers will be asking the questions. This is the best chance to meet and have a Q&A with the companies, who have one thing in common: They are open to hire international talents right here in Saxony-Anhalt.

About your host

Greete Kempel from Optimist Creative GmbH will guide you through the talk with some interesting questions in her pocket. Greete moved to Magdeburg three years ago and ever since that time she has fallen in love with this peaceful and green city. However, as an expat, she also knows the challenges of being accepted to the community and finding the right career-related challenges that would keep the international brains in Saxony-Anhalt. Therefore, she is devoted to help other expats to find the international jobs in Magdeburg.

Which companies are waiting for you?

Four companies from Saxony-Anhalt will be live on the stage in the Lounge Area on Level 2 to answer all your questions on November 12th, 11:30 AM. Look forward to CATL, 3DQR, Li-Cycle Germany GmbH and SIVONIC GmbH. Different sectors, different company sizes, different corporate cultures - find out what fits best for you! At the panel you will have a great chance to ask your questions directly from the companies and get to know valuable information that usually is not written on their websites and social media. Afterwards you will have the possibility to get in touch with your favorite companies. Meet them at their stand in Festung Mark and discuss your possibilities of working together.

Take a stroll through the Festung Mark and see what more is waiting for you: More than 90 companies will be taking part in hierbleiben. Jobevent showing their opportunities between 10 and 17 on November 12th. And we'll make it easy for you: All of them who are actively interested in English speaking applicants and job interviews will mark their stand with a sign showing the British flag. Take your chance and speak to them - you'll never know what is waiting for you.

We will be happy to welcome you at our hierbleiben. Jobevent. See you there!